Vase Léo

Leo Ferdinand vase


2 disponibles

2 disponibles

A classic and timeless piece that will fit perfectly into your home.

This “bottle” vase” is entirely handmade so may differ slightly from the photos. These small variations highlight the handiwork of the artists, as well as the unicity and exclusivity of each piece.

There are only 2 pieces left in the world, so grab yours now!

The designer

Studio Tandem

Studio Tandem’s functional, everyday objects tell a story that’s been crafted by hand. Every piece is handmade and bears the unique mark of the craftsperson who made it, featuring subtle imperfections that transform these objects into unique creations. Marion and Aurélie, the duo behind Studio Tandem, are deeply attached to these imperfections, which highlight the handcrafted nature of their work, as well as the exclusive and unique feel that each piece will bring to your home. 

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