The concept

Folks is a digital gallery featuring a carefully curated collection of contemporary, artisanal objects intended for everyday use, with the aim of highlighting the expertise, originality and singular worlds of a new generation of designers.


Folks was founded with the intention of bringing the importance of handicrafts and artistic creation back into focus. We’re forging a path towards a non-standardized notion of design, in keeping with our personal code of ethics. We’ve recently begun producing our own collections, composed of pieces that we dream up hand in hand with our designers. 

Our approach is centered around slow design, self-manufacturing, made-to-order production and local distribution chains. The creations featured on our e-shop are therefore available in very few places or, in some cases, are even exclusive to us.

At Folks, we believe it’s crucial to place the individual creator at the heart of their work.

Providing visibility to the person behind a piece is of the utmost importance to us, because we firmly believe in a more sustainable form of consumerism, one that is respectful of both the environment and the people who design and make the items we sell. Every object selected or commissioned by Folks was imagined and crafted by promising designers in their own creative studios, produced independently or in collaboration with local artisans. 

We want to come together. To blend quality with originality. To fuse the useful with the beautiful. To gather emerging designers around a concept that was born from a shared passion for beauty, functionality and decor. 

But we also want to unite two separate spheres: those who seek out unique, exclusive objects, and those who imagine and create them. Above all else, we want to create a community of people who are passionate about design, people who want to consume less and consume better. 

That’s why, with this desire for interpersonal exchange in mind, we organize nomadic events and try to follow the major design fairs so that you may discover our objects in person, touching, testing and admiring them firsthand.

Folks, that's us!

Two years ago, our shared love of art and beauty inspired us to create Folks, with the goal of turning the world of design on its head by shining a light on young designers!


Thaïs was raised in a family of architects that nurtured her curiosity for the world of decorative arts, and for art in general. After earning a law degree, she naturally turned towards the study of art history and the art market. She expanded her knowledge while working in the field of contemporary art expertise in Paris, refining her skills and sharpening her eye for beautiful objects in the process. But it was in Lyon that the idea for spearheading a new venture with Marie was born, one that would allow her to discover new designers and share her passion and expertise with her community.   







Marie, with her strong work ethic, high standards and keen eye, has always felt a deep appreciation for the beautiful pieces she unearths on her travels, which she loves sharing with friends and family. Formally trained as a jurist, she deepened her understanding of intellectual and artistic property law in order to help protect the world of culture that she is constantly exploring. One summer, she found the courage to pursue an idea that had been bubbling around in her and Thaïs’ heads for the last few months: embarking on their shared project. Folks was born.