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Cécile Bichon

Paris, France

Cécile Bichon is a ceramic artist based in Paris. She creates unique ceramic pieces that are both sculptural and functional, exploring the possibilities of the material in an attempt to constantly renew her creative process and the shapes she produces. 

 Her objects are crafted without molds or hollowing out of the clay. Rather, she pours the clay freeform and allows it to solidify naturally, resulting in enigmatic shapes, strange masses, crosses between stone and flesh.
Much like a dancer’s movements must obscure their physical efforts in order to evoke a certain emotion, she wants her practice to be eclipsed by the object itself, so that it comes alive with a presence of its own. 

 For Folks, she produced a limited-edition collection of five vases, each of which is unique thanks to her irregular production process. 

 As part of this collaboration, she developed a specific rose clay formulation, whose meticulously chosen tone remains visible without the use of a glaze, in its simplest form. The vases’ undulating shapes are stripped naked and on display, revealing a great potential for sensuality. 

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